Empowering Low-Income Communities through Service Learning Trips in Medicine, Education, and Development

Empowering Marginalized Communities

Ensuring Equitable Access to Healthcare, Education, and Safe Homes.

Achieving Social Justice

Empowering the Less Fortunate.

Our mission

Equal access to healthcare, education, and safe homes. With a focus on sustainability, we prioritize creating lasting impact. 


Listening with Purpose

At the outset of our work, whether in the field or within our office, our approach begins with attentive listening. Our collaborative efforts are guided by the communities we engage with. Rather than imposing our own ideas, we actively listen to their concerns and challenges, working together to find impactful solutions.


Uniting for a Purpose

Through our unique dual approach, we foster empowerment among both volunteers and low-income communities, enabling them to drive positive change collaboratively. Our efforts extend beyond Service Learning Trips, as we remain committed to sustainable impact. This transformative work is made possible by an equal partnership


Taking Action

To contribute as problem-solvers in a challenging world, we prioritize sustainable community development projects. Our approach involves collaborating with enduring local partners, including doctors, nurses, and community leaders, to drive lasting positive change.


Year-Round Patient Support

Our dedicated local nurses and doctors ensure round-the-clock, year-round high-quality follow-up care for individuals encountered during our Mobile Clinics. Commitment and follow-through are their unwavering priorities, ensuring comprehensive support for those in need.

The Core of ABVMED

ABVMED, a 501(c)(3) US non-profit organization, partners with low-income communities in Latin America, Asia and Africa to enhance their access to medicine, education, and community development projects. Our shared vision of a poverty-free world drives us to empower students and volunteers. Service Learning Trips, Supported by many Universities, Dental Asociations, ABVMED recruits and trains local staff to deliver exceptional 24/7/365 patient care, community development initiatives, and educational workshops, empowering communities in need.

Our Homes

The sites in Latin America, Asia, and Africa, where our Service Learning Trips, local staff, patient follow-up care, and community development projects flourish, embody our homes. These cherished locations cultivate profound connections with local communities, enabling us to work hand in hand towards a poverty-free world. Our current homes include: Cusco, Peru – Quito, Ecuador – Arusha, Tanzania – La Ceiba, Honduras – Quetzaltenango, Guatemala – Kathmandu, Nepal – Colombo, Sri Lanka – and Jaipur, India. Discover the inspiring bond we share with these transformative destinations.

ABVMED Fundraising

Our non-profit organization has harnessed the power of innovation to create an extraordinary fundraising platform, revolutionizing the way our change-makers make a difference. With this groundbreaking platform, our esteemed members can seamlessly pay for their fees and purchase donations directly in-country, guided by our dedicated local staff. By streamlining this process, every dollar contributed is channeled directly into the hands of those in need within the local communities we serve. Witness the awe-inspiring impact as our fundraising platform propels a wave of change, empowering individuals to leave a lasting imprint of hope and transformation wherever they go.


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